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Best Interests of American Society

A Summary of published thoughts of Robert T. Fertig Best Interests of American Society are collections of short articles written by me, Robert T. Fertig, edited by my wife, Miriam, published on LinkedIn and Facebook. These articles are only summaries of my thoughts about American society that includes the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Impeachment, Social Justice, Culture, Equality, Morality, Socialism, Christianity and other challenges of our society, such as the Pandemic.

These articles are “TRUTHS,” experienced during my eighty-three years on planet earth. My goal is to share with my YouTube audience and readers’ important ideas and thoughts, before I become too feeble to write. Hence, it is important for me to share what I have learned in order to help you find meaning and purpose on the distinct journey in your relatively short life.

Some of my articles are controversial, so what? You do not have to listen or agree with everything I wrote. Let us think together and have a discussion or dialogue on these important and vital issues, and investigate more deeply the actual truths, during these interesting and challenging times.

Each of these eleven chapters or episodes is about 10-20 minutes long. Please click on the YouTube link below to access the first of my articles. If you find my videos helpful, please reply and I will add to these episodes.


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