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Robert T. Fertig After serving in the USAF, author Fertig became technician at Columbia University Graduate Physics Lab. He later became an Information Technology instructor at General Electric. He joined Sperry Univac, as Manager of Competitive Analysis. Fertig moved to Advanced Computer Techniques, as Vice President of the Technology Analysis Group. Subsequently, he established Enterprise Information Systems. Robert spent five years as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer. He was also an Eldercare Guardian for five years. Fertig is the author or co-author of a dozen books. His primary interests are society, culture, science, philosophy, and Christianity.

Miriam A. Fertig, co-author of Guardians Without Wings, and editor of most of husband Robert books. She retired after 45-years of teaching at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT, and the Middle School at St. Paul’s, in Clearwater, FL, where she was voted by her students and peers “Special Teacher” in the 2005 Year Book.  Miriam received The 2007 Endowment Chair for Teacher Excellence for service and professionalism. Miriam earned her BA from Hunter College, in NYC, and MA from Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT.

Fernando Gutierrez has been a Registered Professional Guardian since 2008. During these years he handled hundreds of cases. Fernando has always accepted indigent cases as a proxy, without compensation. Mr. Gutierrez completed specialized training in Clinical Healthcare Ethics, where he obtained many certificates of accomplishment. Gutierrez graduated from intensive healthcare educational courses and programs at several prominent institutions: National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, University of Washington School of Medicine, University of Virginia Medical School and Washington D.C. Hospital Center, and has written many articles on Bio-Ethics.

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